Manhattan, Brooklyn, Detroit

the space between people
expands and contracts
as it must, but
why must it?

I close my eyes and see the white outlines of
    leaves falling through dark blue pulsing air.
The grey cobbled streets of Manhattan
                          unfold before me.
And I hear your voice
     everywhere and
ringing through my soul, noble narrator, reminding me of things forgotten and pulling me into the excellent day that is

Commendable perspicocious enthusiastic vagabond, you feel life so deep, so so deep,
   and you are tired, so tired. Winter is here and you must
 rest for a time, gather energy, and then strike out again, again and again when spring
                        comes. Rest, restore, reflect. Sharpen your limbs, hone your tongue, move little pieces of
     your         life          forward.

The world is swirling just beyond your toes, and it adores you, and it is yours if you can catch it.

see you again soon, new york