Orion Nebula

Faces in the glass:
Strange familiar faces
Pale fading faces growing 
ever more distant with 
each passing minute,
Expiring against my
most earnest wishes.
I call to them.
No response.
Once more.

I hang my hat
and my heart.
Yearning constricts
the vessels and
eyes squint wide and
brow furrows long.
Head falls back,
gaze extends Starward
                   .                .
       i               .    .    .
         o                       :
                    .               .
Trusty winter friend
Beacon for weary travelers
Steady warrior
Standing tall in the
cold night air.
O! worthy faerie,
How many lost souls
have you lent your
Great strength 
in that fearful
Midnight hour
when the moon is
Swollen and the clouds
swirl in the dark?