Things are going spinningly
Marching down a course set by
Seeds planted one by one
Day by day.
Things can only happen as they will,
But I must keep planting planting to
Ensure the food supply for future generations
Of my self.
Hungry mouths to feed, you know.

My brain is crawling with ants
So I bought ant traps and Christmas lights.
I'm hoping to kill the queen
In a festive way.
I call them Christmas lights because that's what I called them when I was a kid. They are really just a string of 20 multicolored multiracial multisexual multudenominational lights attached to one particular cultural holiday by sentiment alone. Anyway, we can ALL acknowledge that the nights are getting
Really fucking long.
And that,
If nothing else,
Is reason to party like it's
Nineteen somethindee something.