Boise Sky

I hear your footsteps in Boise,
White waltz recorded in the snow,
Your influence reaching across time
And painting shadow colors on winter canvas.
Feel me, feel me thinking of you.

Deciduous Boise trees—
December skeletons waiting for rebirth—
Twirl strands of lights in still motion
Through cold crisp black of night.
And I see your fire fly through the sky,
Rising and riding the currents upward and outward to meet
Rigel and Bellatrix
Betelgeuse and Alnilam,
To ask them:
What's it like being a star
Alone in the dark
Burning and burning for billions of years
Hurling through empty space
With endless abandon?

Surrounded by planets and comets and meteors and aether and
Radiating energy for hungry lifeforms around the universe,
Star answers simply:
I give you the power to say yes.