Wearysome succour seeker,
Succour solace sometime brings
But nevertime serenity.
Drifting sands suffocate senses,
                            despair    deepens.
But life goes and goes and does not stop.
There is no rest.

My favorite shirt is the one
I was wearing
    the night I met you.
At night's end
It carried your brain-tickling fragrance.
        in the closet
    I see and I smile and my
Dream-memory projects
    warm feelings in
      glorious technicolor
 Onto the four screen cineplex
Where mitochondria find
 inspiration and
 motivation for

I am weak but must be strong.
I am strong but must be weak.
Do you see my problem?
Do I now lie
  Naked before you,
  Naked beside you,
  Naked after you?
Do you gaze upon
       my breasts exposed,
       my gleaming abdomen,
   Or do you cover your face in shame,
         Embarrassed for me?

Seek succour on Earth
  and you will Settle,
                                like the pioneers
After the pioneering.
Seek succour in heaven and you will die.
Seek succour in hell and
                 you will never find it, but
You will live forever and
           Love forever and
           Burn forever and ever and ever,
A fiery morning star to be
Admired and
  Feared and
    Pitied and
Loved only at night,
Hidden to daylight eyes,
Tragic hero,

Whenever I see you,
           I'm in love—
And when we part—
      I die