Flying over Manhattan. Photo by Satelle.

Life is performance.
Life is p e r f o r m a n c e .
Let me paint you a picture.
Imagine you are f
through time but have lost your timepiece. A curious thing happens: you find peace of
                  time       time
                 time                time

                        time       time
as void expands forever beneath your feet.

Your shoes walk away, but your socks remain loyal. They are purple with blue dot dot dots, and your feet are blue with purple dot dot dots.

You are the other.
You. Are. The. O t h e r .
You are unknowable and no longer know yourself and no longer no yourself.
everythingeverythingeverythingeverythingeverythingeverythingeverything at the same time is. stop.

Still with me? Still falling? Slow down. S l o o o o o
                                                                       o o o o o w
Now lie back, softly, floating on a cushion of air, and come to rest upon this gentle idea that supports your weight and also the weight of the entire world. You are not alone. You are alone. You are not alone. Your life, my life, every life: a brush stroke. Art of life, art is life, and life,