2014 is not a leap year

Twentythirteen screams in electric guitar agony—
         collapsing relapsing
              devouring itself—
It cannot hold! it cannot hold—
Fender fatality—
whammy bar expands and contracts time's weave—
threads vibrate
cry cry crying  for more Dissonance—
more heartbreak—mein herz brennt—
symbols crash—
brain implodes numbly forever—
black hole forming—
more and Moore and more—
            please—more! more! no more! stop!

WHAM BAM back into melody
Feedback history
Vodka and iron on my brain palate
And I wonder what's happening to me
Sitting with head skewed
Jaw slack jack slaw
Lips dry cracked from the cold
World fracturing
alien landscape of
new vibrations
new choices
new weather
new symbols
new desires
new mutations
         and machinations
          and pontifications
           and revelations.

Tuning static, she said.
It felt like I was tuning static.
2014 MHz.