water and eyedrops

Water and eyedrops
's Christ in the morning
Sailors take warning
7:30 o'clock in the dickens
Sleep is Slim T. Pickens
Cracka lickens
Make faces for the camera
Disrupt its stanza
I must be famous
So why do I feel so lameous?
Lame us. Le moose. Lamosawa
My eyes are red flowas
They need chemical showas.

Jim Jam
We're in like Flint
    and out like Sam
Poor bugger
They swept 'im under the rugger
But there is no other
Like Sam the husband of my brother
He swears a lot
And he smokes the pot
And he makes jokes about my mother
I changed my mind: fuck 'im
He's dim
Like a two watt half wit
Seriously, he doesn't know shit.

Merge merge merge your bus
Gentrily down the stream
Merrily caroly verily scarily
Strife is but a dream
When you've run out of steam
And you got that dead man's gleam
Right here in spirit's seam
Not to be mean
But I think it's your spleen
It couldn't last forever
And sometime's longer than never

In the shower I don't use Lever
I use Dove on my lowly nethers
It gets in my eyes
Attacks with white lyes
And now they're all red
And my temple rings dead
And my sycophants
Are syncophants
Are slinkophants
Em ah maykin sanse
Do yeh wahn romance
Ahr gimme a chance

The piano man's anime daughter
Likes to slaughter
Legions of tentacled monsters
And sexy big sworded angel monsters
And I'll call you later but didn't monsters
Well good for her
Each our own pot to stir
I'll stick to the tops
Water and eyedrops.