There's a feather in my cap today,

first day of 2014,

march eighth,

the day I emerge from my cocoon,

my slumber, my content,

my industry, my linearity,

remember the frenzy,

(refrenzy the member?),

san francisco salad

with strange asian vegetables

and lots of pepper

and I'm sneezing,

body grobgrobling,

not used to it yet,

unaccustomed as it were (dear brother),

muscles remembering what stupid brain does not,

stupid brain that makes bicycle wheels square

and squaresickle wheels triumvular in its mighty "wisdom":

penny for your thoughts,


keep your money,

keep your words,

keep your troubles and trials and tricks,

I only want you for your muscle memory,

your instincts and movements,

pupils dilating in the dark,

skin warm, warmer, flush,

lips pressing, parting,

arms tangling with hair and trees and snakes and lullabies whispered by waterfalls that remember the birth of the earth and the infant fibers squeezing burning atmosphere out of lantern lungs and pulling it in again just as quick.