Ice stirring restless

Ice stirring restless

Gin and tonic

Takes its toll.

Round and round

Life wheeling goes

Where it stops

No one knows.

Flip a coin

Heads I go

Tails I stay.

Heads god damnit

You always win

With quantum hijinks

And quarky charm

Dark eyes that

Score my brain

Like hot razors

Down strawberry jelly

Eyes that scare

Me and thrill

Me and chill

Me and reduce

My tired heart

With simmering stare

To blueberry compote

For our pancakes.

Fill me with

Your joy, press

Fingers into skin

Into flesh into

Bone into infinite

Space behind eyes.

Dance in one

World, strangers in


I see you

Reflected in my

Eyes in your

Eyes and we

Speak one language

And future beckons

With finger bent

Inviting endless combinations

Of you me

You me you.

It's just math,

And chemistry, and

Physics, and destiny,

Obviously, so come

Here and kiss

Me like you

Feel me feeling

You because I

Feel you feeling

Me and dream

Of forever like

When we were

Young and hopeful

And believed in

Happiness pure and

Love's everlasting embrace.