Unborn Reborn [Redux]

A dMOTION film about rebirth, unbirth, ups and downs of daily life, ebb and flow of human emotion, and the ever-changing nature of our connections with each other. We shot this film in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with Opal Street Dance. Everything was improvised; we used a poem by Joe Dahlquist (from Spoonful of Butter) as inspiration, and then this film happened. The awesome music is by Satelle.


From Spoonful of Butter by Joe Dahlquist (coming February 2014):

June 11, MMXIII. Highway 101.

Falling through the sky
Waiting for the ground to bounce me
Up up again,
Up into the ionosphere to play in that
Sweet Coulombic firmament,
Mind spinning like a corkscrew
Whizzing from the North Pole
To the South
And back again,
Painting the black of night with
Neon electric screams of
Brooding purple and
Brilliant fierce blue green,
Reveling in the cross product
Smashing into other vectors
And becoming pure ecstatic energy
For the holiest picoseconds of existence, then
Slamming back into mass reality with the
Force of heartbreak and
Agony of the star crossed lover
And now falling again,
Picking up speed,
Burning up in the atmosphere,
Charred, wasted, blackened bones with
Fire flesh and lava brain—
Now oozing feathers—
Terrible eyes flashing—

Fingers grasping for oxygen—
Quantum plastic fantastic